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Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

A Helping Hand Against Crime

Company steps up to help church after burglaries 
By Linda Man – Clarion-Ledger Staff Writer 

The Rev. Gloria Woodard Said she saw God’s hand in the stymieing of a burglar in her church and the good Samaritan who stepped up to help the congregation.

Burglarized three times in two months, Woodard said Jorge Guelbenzu’s donation of an electronic security system to the Ark of Safety Ministry is due to God’s intervention.

“I had a lot of people express sympathy but no one to help, ” said Woodard. “He’s the only one. I really believe God put it in (Guelbenzu’s) heart to help.”

Guelbenzu, owner of Maximum Security in Brandon, said he was moved after hearing about the rash of church burglaries in the Canton area.

“It’s not normal for someone to be burglarized three times,” said Guelbenzu. “No one else has stepped up. There was nothing being done, and the (local law enforcement) was understaffed… And it’s a church.”

Sheriff’s investigator Kelly Edgar said alarms may minimize the amount of the property stolen by scaring criminals but a lot can be taken, even in five minutes.”

You can get pretty far with adrenaline flowing, ” said Edgar. “You wouldnt’ believe it, but I’ve seen (criminals) carry these huge TVs. It’s amazing what they can do once they put their mind to it.”

Edgar estimated that 98 percent of alerted alarms, connected to the local law enforcement, are false. 

“It’s very seldom it’s a real one, ” he said.

And even though Woodard’s 120-member church was burglarized numerous times, she said without God’s intervention, confessed suspect Knieval Russum of Canton would have really cleaned out the church.

Russum apparently injured himself when the shards of a broken window scrapped across him as he entered the church. Woodard said she knew which rooms Russum had entered by following the trail of blood. But at the door of the Sanctuary, the blood stopped.”

I believe something spiritual took place, ” she said. “There was blood everywhere, but the sanctuary was intact.”

The sanctuary holds approximately $15,000 of musical instruments and amplifiers.”

It couldn’t have been a coincidence,” agreed Guelbenzu.

To help fortify the church Guelbenzu is donating labor and $1000 security system complete with sirens and motion sensor devices that detect room temperature changes during break-ins.”

(Guelbenzu’s) really magnificent – I’ll always keep him in my prayers.” said Woodard.

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Wednesday, January 21st, 2009


Crossgates Methodist Children’s Center in Brandon, MS. 
We have had our security system with cameras in our classrooms, doorways, and playgrounds for 2 years and have been so please. Maximum Security has been a great company to work with and I recommend them to anyone.

Beverly Peden

WLBT Article

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Man gives Free Alarm to Burglarized Couple
By Bert Case

An elderly south Jackson couple, whose home was broken into January 18th, has been given a free new home alarm system. When Jorge Guelbenzu of Maximum Security Alarms in Brandon learned about the break in, he says he knew immediately he had to get an alarm system installed for Prentiss and Euralene Burnham.

Mr. Burnham is 87, his wife is 88. They are the retired parents of a highly respected Jackson Police Officer, P.C. Burnham, who now lives in Arkansas.

The new $800 system is set up to go off if any window or door of their home in Oak Forest Drive is opened. The burglar stole their car, all of their important papers, a shotgun and other valuables, but they got it all back and the car wasn’t harmed.

Burnham estimates it cost him about a thousand dollars because he had to replace all of the locks in the car.



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